I am a dedicated fitness enthusiast with extremely high expectations of my trainers. Josephine is best in class. She approaches each session as an opportunity to take my strength, endurance and power, to an all new level Josephine makes every session the best hour of my day!
— Jill Estorino, Studio Executive

I started training with Josephine a year ago and I saw the difference within the first two weeks! I was a little apprehensive of going with her because I found that a lot of girls weren’t hard enough for me but after the first day she killed me and I knew I was going to see results fast!! You tell her what you want to change and she caters every workout to your needs. She is sweet but tough!
— Krista Kalmus, Actress/Model

Josephine by far was one of our brightest star trainers at Circuit Works. Her energy, her music, and her knowledge made the Circuit Works Class experience one to be reckoned with. She has a unique talent of combining fitness with fun in a way that makes the time not only fly by, but also entertaining in a way that keeps the clients engaged. Josephine is a Star Trainer!
— Raphael Verela celebrity trainer and owner of Circuit Works

Training with Josephine Gorchoff has been a positive experience that has improved my conditioning and inspired me to continue working out! She pushes me past my comfort zone to achieve results and I have never seen before and incorporates different styles of training to keep our workouts engaging. I have gained muscle and my tennis game has improved! I highly recommend her!
— Peter Nelson, Sony executive

Josephine brings good vibes and endless energy to every segment she films under any circumstance. She is a true professional and master of her craft. A gem!

— Mohsen Shabahang -owner of GymRa

Josephine was a pleasure to work with on my 20 Minute Body workout DVDs. She took her passion and commitment for fitness to the next level by becoming a fitness professional. Her enthusiasm for her students and clients make her a rockstar.
— Brett Hoebel Celebrity Trainer and Trainer on Biggest Loser

Josephine’s knowledge, creativity, and presentation as a Pulse Fitness Studio instructor make her one of the top fitness personalities in Los Angeles. Her ability to challenge and motivate each and every person in the room, regardless of their fitness level, is a skill very few have mastered with such finesse
— Mark Harari Celebrity Trainer and Owner of Pulse Fitness Studio